You, Will, Be Amazed By Benefits of Using React Native for Your Enterprise

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React Native is an open-source mobile application development framework launched by the social media giant Facebook Inc. The applications developed on this framework work on all platforms, such as Android devices, Android TVs, macOS, iOS, Web, and windows. It is based on the JavaScript framework, making it beneficial to build a great application that suits the enterprise's needs. It facilitates a smooth and easy way to develop cross platform applications, which makes it worth it.

There are many benefits of using React Native for your enterprise, but before we proceed to the other points, you need to understand why?

More than or near 95% of persons from the world population are using mobile devices in which two powerful platforms are Android and iOS. Although the considerable percentage depends on Android as it is open-source; however, the rate of iOS users is also rapidly growing.

To connect with potential customers via mobile technologies is excellent. Still, it requires cost, and if you want to launch a separate application for each platform, then it is a very costly idea, so the best way is to overcome this challenge is using React Native for your enterprise. So, you will launch the same app on a different platform without any extra cost.

The Benefits of Using React Native for Your Enterprise

There are multiple benefits to it, which we will read about how it is beneficial.

  • Robust Community of Users : For specific app development, there are always limited options available. Still, there is a robust community of users to whom you can hire for the project development in terms of open source community. It does not mean that hiring will be easy, but it means that more resources are available, which anyone can use without any boundation.
  • Reusability of Code : In the mobile operating system market, there are only two superpowers one is Android and iOS. If you want to launch your business on both platforms, it will cost you more in terms of price, updation of services, and technical support. But it is the significant beauty of React Native that its single code works on both platforms smoothly.
  • Functionality: The web based mobile application has the most significant drawbacks in that it performs slow, but in the case of React Native, its functionality is fast. Upon executing complex queries, it serves upto 60 fps.
  • Easy Transition : It is very easy to transit between native to React and vice versa. At any point, you feel that the application should be in the native format now, then there will be no hurdles in it.
  • Cost Effective : It is a very cost-effective idea to have React Native for your enterprise as there is no need to hire the extended team of Android and iOS developers. With a single small group of react native developers, you can launch your business via app/apps on cross platforms.
  • Less Development Time : It is one of the benefits of using React Native for your enterprise that an app will perform the same on multiple platforms, especially Android and iOS. Hence, there is no need to spend time to develop applications for each platform.